Section of History of Polish Language and Dialectology

Old orthographies, grammars and handbooks of Polish language

Online educational compendium Project manager: Wanda Decyk-Zięba

This is a website dedicated to grammatical works written in the period from the 15th century to 1939. The project is implemented in stages. Series B (2018) is a continuation of a project commenced in 2014 (Series A). The aim of this undertaking is to popularise the knowledge of not only Polish grammar books, their authors and times but also of the development of the Polish linguistic thought. Therefore, the list of the described works has been extended by grammar books of foreign languages written in Polish. The overview is supplemented by the Bibliography of Polish grammar books and grammar books of foreign languages in Polish. The authors of the studies are academic staff and doctoral candidates who represent various philological fields of study.

Old Polish grammars
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